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April 8th is National Equal Pay Day 2014

April 8th is National Equal Pay Day 2014. It’s the symbolic day that women’s earnings catch up with men’s wages from the previous year. Women earn on average 23% less than men in the country- 77 cents for each dollar earned by men. For African American and Hispanic women, the gender gap is even greater. Lower wages for the same work can signify a loss of an average of $400,000 less over a woman’s work life.

Women in America’s unions have long had protection of their pay, rights and benefits under their workplace contracts.

PEF is a supporter of equal pay for equal work for all our sisters who do not have a union voice on their issues.

This year, the NYS Assembly passed a womens’ wage protection bill specific to public sector employees(A 1729A-Ellen Jaffee) . A similar bill was proposed by Diane Savino in the Senate( S3685B). That bill has been referred to the Civil Service and Pensions committee and will hopefully be returned to the Senate for a vote.

PEF is encouraged by the efforts of President Obama who will sign two executive orders today that address the wage gap between men and women. This is part of the Democratic effort to enact the Paycheck Fairness Act introduced in the Senate by Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.)
Contact your Senator and urge support for this legislation to ensure fairness and pay equity
We urge all women – whether in healthcare, academia or the service industries – to join a union for a better future for yourselves and your families.