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President Kent on Gov. Cuomo’s proposed 2014-15 state budget

Governor Cuomo painted a rosy picture about the direction of the state in his fourth budget presentation today.  But, typical of an election year budget, he glossed over several areas in need of funding, while at the same time promising tax cuts and incentives for businesses.

The governor said one of his goals is to provide more and better health care to New Yorkers, and addressed the healthcare crisis in Brooklyn, calling it a “serious situation.”  Concerning to us however, is that he neglected to offer any state support, placing the responsibility of keeping Brooklyn hospitals open on the federal government’s approval of New York’s $10 billion waiver request.  It is alarming to us that there is no “Plan B” to preserve vital public health services in Brooklyn if the waiver is not approved.

The Governor says New York has created 380,000 jobs and is now second in the nation in creating jobs since the recession. But, as in his State of the State message, the Governor ignored the public employee, the people who really make New York work. With agency budgets flat, the state workforce will remain understaffed with no lessening of responsibilities or workload, putting the services our members provide and our communities at risk.

Our budget experts are now in the process of reviewing the entire budget proposal that was released at 2 PM today with an eye towards safeguarding public services in New York State.