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As a result of the new collective bargaining agreement, eligible PEF nurses should have received a one-time lump sum allowance of $500 for uniform maintenance last month. That amount would be pro-rated for members who don’t work full-time.  The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) issued a payroll bulletin in October stating that agencies could submit information to OSC for payment of the allowance in the November 18 paycheck (Administration) or the November 24 paycheck (Institution).  If you aren’t sure if you’re eligible, please review the payroll bulletin from OSC. We are hearing that some facilities did not get the proper information to OSC in time for those paychecks, so if you have still not received your uniform maintenance allowance, please contact your PEF field representative. If you don’t know who your field rep is, please contact your PEF regional office.