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PEF Vice President – Adreina Adams

Adreina Adams

Adreina Adams is a 32 year union activist and an aggressive fighter against injustice. She currently serves as a parole officer in Region 11 and has also worked as a mediator and as an arbitrator.

Before being elected a PEF Vice President in June of 2015, Adreina served as a PEF Convention delegate, a Division Treasurer, a Division Secretary and as a shop steward.

Adreina has sacrificed and dedicated her entire career to unionism, based on her desire to create a work environment where everyone matters equally. Adreina is a voice for the voiceless by challenging the status quo within management and the union.

Because of her outspoken unionism, Adreina has had to deal with many adverse working experiences. She has endured retaliation, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, sabotage, alienation and isolation, and witnessed many of her co-workers face the same. In an effort to improve working conditions for all at her agency, Adreina has testified at legislative hearings, independently met with legislators to draft and pass bills, and participated in rallies and demonstrations. This activism has led to some improvements, including increased staffing, reduction of redundant paperwork, more State vehicles, the hiring of officers to man the magnetometer, new furnishings, and diminished disciplinary actions.

Adreina earned her BPS degree from the College for Human Services, received certification in Interpersonal Behavior and Conflict Resolution from the Cornell University School of Industrial & Labor Relations, and her certification in Basic Union Peer Counseling from the NYC Central Labor Council.