Muriel Hardy-Lee

Muriel Hardy-Lee is a social work assistant 3 at the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).  She entered state service in 1988 at Bronx Psychiatric Center, and transferred in 1990 to Bronx Developmental Center.  She has a master’s degree in disability studies (MDS).

As a PEF trustee, she seeks to expand her advocacy for members’ rights to fair, equitable treatment under the PEF Constitution, ensure fiduciary oversight by reviewing fiscal records in collaboration with the PEF secretary-treasurer, her fellow trustees, PEF divisions, and the union’s accountants and auditors. Ms Hardy-Lee expects to report regularly to the Executive Board and members on any matters not conducive to PEF’s best interest.  She sees listening to members’ concerns and suggesting policy changes to the Executive Board when appropriate as her duty as a trustee.

A PEF activist and strong advocate for more than 10 years, Ms Hardy-Lee held many elected and appointed leadership positions prior to her election as a PEF trustee in 2021.  Among those responsibilities at PEF are: Division 407 council leader at the Metro NY Developmental Disabilities Services Office, co-chair of the local labor-management committee; a member of the OPWDD L-M Committee; a member of the local health and safety/workplace violence committees, and the PEF Women’s Committee.  She has also been active in her community, serving in the Parent Teachers Associations at Yonkers Montessori Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.