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PEF Region 12 Coordinator – Nora Higgins

Region 12, comprising Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, has a long and proud history of activism in PEF. It also has the distinction of being the home region for the union’s ninth and current president, Wayne Spence.

“This is a very active region,” Higgins said.

Higgins is a teaching and research center nurse 3 at SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital, a state facility that also produced former Region 12 Coordinator Doris (Dee) Dodson.

She began her career at the medical center as a registered nurse with an associate’s degree and is currently an associate clinical professor. “I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees with the help of PEF’s tuition reimbursement program,” Higgins said.

At Stony Brook she has served on both the Legislative Action Committee and the Cultural Diversity Committee of the United Nurses Congress.

Higgins has been both the secretary and a steward of PEF Division 225, active on the Region 12 PAC, and a delegate to PEF conventions where she once proudly sang the national anthem at the start of a plenary session.

Region 12 - Long Island

Regional Coordinator
Nora Higgins

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