Debra Greenberg

Debra first worked at PEF as an Associate Counsel in the Legal Department from 1997-2006 representing PEF and PEF members in numerous legal, administrative and disciplinary proceedings. After moving from and then returning to the area, she came back to PEF as a Field Representative in 2012. She appreciates having had the opportunity to work in Field Services with dedicated members, leaders and colleagues to address workplace issues at the ground level. Debra moved to an Associate Counsel position in Contract Administration in 2017. Her responsibilities included contract negotiations, grievance resolution, and providing guidance to leaders and staff on contract enforcement and labor/management issues. Prior to her tenure with PEF, Debra was co-president of her union at the Legal Aid Society of Nassau County where she engaged in her first round of contract negotiations. She also worked with the union-side law firm of Eisner and Hubbard, PC in NYC where she represented public and private sector unions as well as individual workers in employment-related litigation. Debra is a graduate of the CUNY School of Law and Potsdam College. She resides in Delmar with her family and likes to swim and bike ride during her free time.