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AFT has launched a national class action lawsuit against the for-profit federal student loan servicer Navient

Urgent News for PEF Members: One of PEF’s parent unions, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), has launched a national class action lawsuit against the for-profit federal student loan servicer Navient. We believe there are PEF members who have asked Navient about public service loan forgiveness (PSLF)and may have been given bad information. AFT is looking to identify PEF  members who may... Read more

PSWP Workshop: Aspiring Leaders Program

PEF Members, the time is now! Sign up for the PSWP worksop on Aspiring Leaders Program! This three-day workshop provides participants with skills to lead teams and create motivating work environments that foster trust and accountability. Lecture, class discussion, and engaging activities address real-world issues. Course topics include: • Leading Self and Others, • Emotional Intelligence, • Overcoming Resistance, • Building Coalitions,... Read more

Empire Plan Co-Pay remains at $20 for PEF members

PEF Leaders and Members: PEF has heard from some PEF members last week, that you were erroneously charged a $25.00, instead of $20.00, co-pay by your healthcare provider.  Upon hearing this, we immediately contacted the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) to rectify the situation. As a result of our conversations, a new Empire Plan Copayment Guide notifying providers that copayments have only... Read more

Public Service Workshop Programs: NACLE Online Continuing Legal Education Workshops

Featuring New Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias Courses! These online workshops, which can be completed at your convenience, are for PEF-represented and M/C attorneys who are interested in earning CLE credits. CLE affidavits are made available directly from NACLE upon request for credit and completion of the course. Upon completion of enrollment in the SLMS, participants must create an NACLE account to... Read more