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Wayne-Spence PEF President

Spread the word:
Vote NO on Con Con 11/7


This Election Day, November 7, voters in New York state will be asked to decide whether the state should hold a convention to amend its constitution. We, in coalition with an eclectic collection of organizations including every major labor union in New York state, say the answer to that question is an emphatic NO!

Why is the outcome of this vote important to you and your family?

• A constitutional convention could spell disaster for hardworking New Yorkers by putting critical labor rights such as our public pensions, collective bargaining and care and benefits for injured and ill workers in jeopardy.

• Public education could be on the chopping block, with millions of children’s rights to a free public education at stake.

votenobutton• A convention would cost us hundreds of millions of dollars, and with no set time limit, could last for years while delegates collect an $80,000 salary, on top of the taxpayer-funded salaries many of them might already receive as elected officials.

• A convention would truly open Pandora’s box and give delegates unbridled power to change longstanding policies, programs and protections and dramatically alter current and future laws and statutes.

In addition, it’s not necessary. There is another way to make changes to the state constitution. Lawmakers can amend the constitution by having individual bills to amend specific language passed by two separately elected state Legislatures. If passed, such bills would then appear on the following November ballot as a voter referendum. Most recently this process was used in 2014, and it has been used 200 times since the last major constitutional revision in 1894. It works.

What can you do to help ensure Proposition One is voted down?

1. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and community members about what a constitutional convention will really mean;

flipballot2. Go to the PEF website and click on our Constitutional Convention Toolkit for flyers and information;

3. Share the PEF Facebook and Twitter posts on VOTE NO CON CON on your own pages;

4. Contact your PEF regional office
to request a VOTE NO CON CON lawn sign; and

5. November 7, flip your ballot
(the proposition will be printed on the back) and VOTE NO!

A constitutional convention is wrong for hardworking New Yorkers!


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