Professional Development


The State/PEF Joint Professional Development Committee (PDC) must review the needs for professional development and training programs to improve job performance and to assist PEF represented state employees in developing their full professional potential. In addition, the State must meet and confer with PEF within the PDC with regard to expenditures of monies appropriated.

The PDC is currently discussing all the professional development programs it funds for the 2011-2015 contract. The length of time the discussions are taking to determine and establish these programs is no different from any other time period when a new contract is ratified.

The process and discussions are likely to be more difficult since the 2011 – 2015 PEF/State contract reduced the Article 15 funding for professional development by $3.5 million each year. This funding went to insure that all PEF represented state employees received full compensation for all 9 furlough days at the end of the contract or upon separation from state service. A reduction of this size will have a significant impact on the Article 15 Professional Development Committee’s ability to fund professional development programs funded in the past.

The PEF representatives on the Professional Development Committee understand the value of all the professional development programs and continue to be strong advocates for PEF represented state employees when determining programs offered in every contract, including this one. The various programs address the many different needs of very diverse titles and professions.

As soon as the programs are established an announcement will be made and posted to this webpage. You can also check the NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations web site.

Lastly, New York State provides various training opportunities, including some offered through the Article 15 Professional Development Committee, on GOER’s Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS). You can obtain information about those programs by clicking on the following website and logging into the SLMS

Members can also contact staff in the PEF Education Department with any additional questions or concerns.