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Health & Safety Specialists

Health & Safety Specialists

Shawn Bobb has been with the PEF since 1993 as a Health and Safety Specialist.  Prior to this, he was a Public Health Representative with the NYS Department of Health’s TB Control Bureau.  He assists agency and local health and safety committees with identifying potential and existing occupational safety and health issues and providing recommendations for corrective actions.  Shawn has a graduate degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences from Hunter College.

Geraldine Stella has been with PEF since 1992 and is a Health & Safety Specialist. Geraldine is responsible for direct outreach to members, and  agencies, on a variety of health and safety issues and provides training and education, research and development of effective safety and health policies and programs, and technical assistance on occupational health and safety issues. She assists injured workers with complicated worker’s compensation issues, and mentors new health and safety activists. Geraldine earned a B.S. in Psychology with a focus on Industrial/Organizational programs. A union advocate for many years, she has additional experience in labor/management, negotiations, grievance handling and political action.

Paige Engelhardt Trainer

Nancy Holford Health & Safety Assistant

Crystal Bruno Administrative Assistant

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