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Health and Safety Conference 2018


Moving Safety Forward – Respect the Past-Question the Present-Prepare for the Future


NYS and PEF 2018 Health and Safety Conference

January 11-13, 2018

Please register by December 15, 2017. Please complete the Registration Form and submit it to Nancy Holford with any applicable payments:

Mail: Nancy Holford
Health & Safety Department
P.O. Box 12414
Albany, NY 12212-2414

E-mail: gro.f1516524641ep@dr1516524641ofloh1516524641n1516524641

Fax #: 518-250-7839

Eligibility for Funding by PEF

The following individuals are eligible for funding by PEF:

  • Labor and Management representatives of the S/W Health & Safety Committee
  • Agency and Local Health & Safety Chairs
  • Infection Control Nurses
  • Agency Management Reps
  • PEF Executive Board Members
  • PEF Statewide Officers
  • PEF Regional Coordinators
  • PEF Field Staff
  • Members of the Statewide Nurses Committee
  • Plus Ones

Plus One Program

Each division is asked to designate one new activist to attend the conference. This person should be new to H&S, and does not have to be an elected union representative or on their H&S committee (yet!). Plus Ones are funded to attend the Conference subject to Council Leader and Supervisory approval. Plus Ones will help Move Safety Forward!

Council Leaders are asked to coordinate with their agency and local Health & Safety Committees to designate their Plus One. There is only one Plus One per Division.

All Plus Ones should complete a Plus One Registration Form and submit it to Nancy Holford, Health & Safety Assistant/Conference Coordinator.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $35.00 has been implemented to offset the expense of the conference. The fee applies to all registrants, including those funded by PEF. Please make checks payable to: NYS Public Employees Federation.

Alternative Funding

All other participants must be funded by their PEF Division, their Agency, or at their own expense. See “alternative funding” section for the registration.

We encourage PEF Divisions to offer scholarships so that they may send additional representatives to the conference. Scholarships should include the cost of transportation, meals, housing, and the registration fee.

Room Reservations

All hotel reservations will be made by PEF. A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a special rate for our group at the hotel. Space is limited and reservations will be taken on a “first come, first serve” basis. Due to cost and the limited number of rooms available, local attendees who live within 60 miles of the conference are not eligible for housing.

Release Time

The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) has approved a request for release time for conference attendees, subject to agency operational needs. A letter outlining the agreement is available by clicking here. If you need assistance in obtaining “Administrative Leave” from your agency or have any questions, please contact your local PEF Division Leader or Field Representative first. Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting PEF Health & Safety: 800-342-4306 ext. 254.

Travel and Other Expenses

PEF will pay directly for the lodging for all PEF and M/C representatives designated to attend the Training. PEF will collect and collate registration paperwork for those participants.

PEF will reimburse PEF designees for all associated lodging and travel costs. No State issued travel cards can be used in conjunction with the Conference. All costs must be borne by the traveler and then PEF will reimburse its designees. Accordingly, PEF has the sole responsibility of collecting travel receipts and

Reimbursing based on the State regulations regarding acceptable travel-related protocols.

Travel reimbursement for M/C representatives:

Reimbursement of travel-related expenses for M/C representatives will be the responsibility of their agency and subject to State and Agency policies regarding travel Expenditures.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to car pool. There will be no air travel for this conference without advanced approval.

For more information on the conference please contact Nancy Holford, Health & Safety Assistant/Conference Coordinator at: 518-785-1900, ext. 336, or 800-342-4306, ext. 336, or via e-mail: gro.f1516524641ep@dr1516524641ofloh1516524641n1516524641


Please visit the Saratoga Hilton Webpage for directions.

Tentative Agenda

Please click here to view the tentative agenda.

Exhibit, Sponsor, or Advertise

If you would like to be an exhibitor, sponsor a part of the conference, or advertise at the 2018 NYS/PEF Health and Safety Conference please contact us at 1-800-342-4306 ext. 254 or click here to download a sponsor/exhibitor packet.

Forms/ Flyers