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PEF’s PS&T contract team:
​Contract power rises from PEF unity

YOUR PEF CONTRACT TEAM, PREPARING FOR PS&T BARGAINING — The newly appointed contract team takes a break from training September 12 to pose for a group photo. Members of the team, who work at various state agencies, will attend membership meetings to get input as to what members want in their next contract. The current agreement with the state expires April 1, 2019. Negotiations for a new contract with the team from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations will kick-off in January. — Photo by Deborah A. Miles

Meet Your Contract Team

Shown above left to right:
Christopher Buman, a real property analyst at the state Department of Taxation and Finance;

Marilynn DiCara,
a senior nurse case manager at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center;

Yatram Bruce Jagroop,
an occupational and environmental safety specialist at Roswell Park;

Ricardo Cruz,
a parole officer at the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision;

Conrad Davis,
a tax auditor 1 at the Department of Taxation and Finance; 

Michele Silsby,
a registered nurse case manager/utilization management at Roswell Park;

Colleen Williams,
an administrative specialist 1 at the Department of Transportation;

Mark Richard,
chief negotiator and a retired full professor in the Legal Assistant Department and past president of the American Federation of Teachers faculty union – United Faculty of Miami-Dade College;

Darlene Williams,
contract team chair and an occupational therapy assistant 2 at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Washington Heights;

Bobbi Stafford,
a teaching research nurse 2 at SUNY Upstate Medical University;

Gloria Thomas,
an information technology specialist at the Office of Information Technology Services in Rochester;

Andrew Puleo,
an assistant engineer at the Department of Transportation;

Rita Strauss,
PEF deputy general counsel and co-chief negotiator;

Amy DeMarco,
a research scientist 2 at the Department of Health;

Karen Conte,
PEF contract assistant;

Renee Delgado,
PEF director of contract administration.

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