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PEF should support Con Con

To the Editor: PEF is on the wrong side of the Constitutional Convention issue. The entrenched politicians and lobbyists fear political and voting reform but why should we?

Rather than stir fears, we should work to call a convention and elect delegates who will expand labor and civil rights and revise outdated provisions governing our overcomplicated court system and redundant two-house Legislature.

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Kew Gardens

Editor’s note:  PEF believes the best way to modify the state constitution is through individual amendments that must each be approved by the voters. That approach costs taxpayers much less and allows voters to distinguish between changes they want and changes they do not want. Changes proposed by a constitutional convention are presented to voters as a single take-it-all or leave-it-all proposition. 

Downstate Medical saved her aunt

To the Editor: I want to thank the medical team at Downstate Medical Center for saving my godmother/aunt’s life and taking such good care of her and our family.

On July 20th, she was rushed to Downstate Medical in an unresponsive state. She was 88-years young at the time. In the emergency room, a team led by Dr. Ross and nurse Lina Rulloda worked on her and revived her from complications of a double pulmonary embolism.

She was moved to the intensive care unit where she continued to be monitored and receive exemplary care from all, especially nurse Anne Meme.

Her last stop on this journey was on the third floor, Nursing Station 71, where nurses Molvia Jackson-Graham, Christine Hutchinson and Fauziatu Mukaila continued to care for and nurture her as if she were family. Well, under their watchful eye she was able to come home August 25, in time to celebrate her 89th birthday on August 26.

My family will always be eternally grateful and I could not be more proud to say to my union brothers and sisters in PEF Division 198 at Downstate, “Thank you!”


Ending PEF role with gratitude

To the Editor: My medical situation has caused me to resign as PEF Division 286 steward and council leader, and everything else on short notice.

Over the last several years, I’ve put great emphasis on mentoring new union talent and succession planning. I didn’t want to be caught flat-footed in a sudden, unplanned event. I didn’t realize it would be me who would have to drop off.

It has been an honor to be part of the PEF team of union leadership. The role PEF has played in protecting and advocating for our members can’t be overstated. I deeply appreciate the dedication and responsiveness to my calls for assistance over the years, and I feel confident you will keep our ship afloat and strong in coming storms.

There are so many good memories built up over the decades that I’ve been an active player in our union’s history, some hilarious, some very serious, all substantive.

Best of luck to each of you in all you do, and thank you for your service.

Putnam Valley

Don’t endorse Cuomo for gov.

To the Editor: I read with interest a letter in the (September Communicator page 3) that was critical of the union’s involvement in political issues. In all probability, PEF will continue to be politically involved and endorse Gov. Cuomo in his (2018) re-election bid.

How PEF can endorse him is beyond me since his actions have unfairly affected PEF members and retirees. His Executive Budgets consistently attempt to cap the basic Medicare reimbursement payment and eliminate reimbursement for added Medicare premiums for those in a higher income bracket. He supported increasing health insurance premiums charged to PEF retirees and he supports a NYS Constitutional Convention in direct opposition to NYS unions. I truly hope PEF considers Cuomo’s past actions in its endorsement evaluations.

Long Island

Editor’s note: Gov. Cuomo was quoted by the Daily News February 6, 2017, as saying he would support a state constitutional convention only if there was a way to prevent its domination by “the same legislators you are trying to change the rules on. I have not heard of a plan that does that.” 

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