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Members take action and Go Public

UNION PARTICIPATION – PEF Region 8 members were asked to showcase their value by making a Go Public video for PEF’s campaign to highlight the state workforce.

Shown are members who attended the PEF Region 8 Leadership Conference. (Top) Andre Brown, an information technology specialist and Catherine Dell’Angelo, an employee retirement system examiner, both from Audit Control practice making a 30-second video. (Center) Aaron Uchytil takes a video of Brandi Loveday-Chesley, both information technology specialists at the State Insurance Fund.

(Bottom) Loveday-Chesley ends her video with “Go PEF!” (See the back cover for details on how you can be a part of PEF’s campaign!)

Make sure your tax dollars are working for you. Join PEF’s fight against privatization!

PEF members post your video; star in PEF’s Go Public campaign.

PEF Members, get personal and Go Publicwith your union and showcase why you are an important asset to New York State. It’s easy

To see how you can showcase your talents, see the GO Public page.

— Photos by Deborah Miles

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