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Get Your Con Con Tool Kit


Within the next six months, the state’s Constitutional Convention will continue to be a hot topic for labor activists, environmentalists and groups devoted to social and political fairness.

PEF leaders are urging members to be informed about the convention, and to vote “no” in November. To help you understand how a convention may impact your life and future, and to share the information with others, PEF has created a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) tool kit.

Regional or division meetings would be an ideal place to discuss the convention and encourage members to download the tool kit from the PEF website. It also would be a great topic to discuss at lunch time with co-workers, and with your family and friends.

The features of the Con Con tool kit include information about what is at stake, why it is dubbed a politician’s convention, its necessity, the cost to taxpayers and the labor rights at risk, if a convention is held.

The second part of the tool kit deals with the state’s political history and describes why a constitutional amendment is the preferable way to make changes, instead of holding a multi-million-dollar, taxpayer funded constitutional convention.

Part three introduces you to other labor organizations who oppose the convention, plus links to websites that contain factual, non-biased information about its purpose and the problems associated with it.

One initial flaw with the process is the question posed to voters about whether or not to hold a convention will be on the back of the ballot, and may be missed by voters.

The last part of the tool kit, “get your graphics,” contains images and posters for you to download and use as your Facebook profile picture. You can also print and post the graphic images in your work area.

If you have more questions, click on the link to the Con Con article that ran in the April 2017 issue of The eCommunicator, or contact Kim Loccisano at gro.f1540013559ep@on1540013559asicc1540013559olk1540013559, or call 800-342-4306 ext. 240.

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