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Lights! Camera! Action!
WANTED: PEF members post your video; star in PEF’s Go Public campaign

Make sure your tax dollars are working for you. Join PEF’s fight against privatization! 

Showcase Your Value

gopublicshowcasePEF members post your video; star in PEF’s Go Public campaign.

PEF Members, get personal and Go Public with your union and showcase why you are an important asset to New York State. It’s easy.

Record a video clip of yourself (or have your co-worker do it for you) at your work station or job site. The more creative the better!

Introduce yourself, and in 30 seconds or less, tell us what you do and why your job is important to New York state.

Upload the video to your personal Facebook page and most importantly make sure to tag us, @Public Employees Federation (official).

Your video will then be posted on PEF’s official Facebook page and on this Go Public webpage to showcase your value to New York State.

Thanks for getting personal with your union by Going Public with PEF! Looking forward to seeing all the great videos. If you have any questions, or need advice or help, contact the PEF Communications Department (formerly Public Relations) at 518-785-1900 ext. 277 or email gro.f1556153754ep@ci1556153754lbupo1556153754g1556153754.

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