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Stop union busters cold!
Sign your new PEF membership card now

Wayne-Spence PEF President


A decision from the US Supreme Court in the anti-union Janus v AFSCME case is expected in a few weeks. This case is funded and backed by billionaire union busters with the goal of taking away your voice at work, our rights to bargain a fair contract and our ability to stand up at the workplace.

A Supreme Court ruling in favor of Janus would allow non-members to receive union services for free, without paying dues or fees, resulting in tremendous financial burdens for unions, robbing them of the funding needed to negotiate good and fair contracts, ensure our workplaces are safe, and protect our benefit packages, our pensions and our job security.

Here in New York state, we are leading the way nationwide in efforts to keep unions strong. On April 12, I was there when Gov. Cuomo signed landmark legislation into law that strengthens our rights as working New Yorkers and union members.

Three years ago, PEF initiated a member engagement plan in anticipation of a negative ruling from the Supreme Court in any of the many anti-union court cases that could come before it. That initiative resulted in strength at the bargaining table when we negotiated, not just one, but two contracts with raises and no givebacks, when we held the most productive PEF convention in PEF history, when we achieved successful legislative sessions and a victory in the fight to keep open the doors of Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center. This is just a sampling of what PEF can achieve when we come from a position of strength.

That position of strength is exactly what the anti-labor groups hope to destroy.

Now, how can we continue to show our strength? One way is for you to sign a new updated PEF membership card. This card was created to fight the “freeloaders” who look to weaken our union by not paying their fair share of dues.

By asking for your signature in two places, the new card allows you to do two things:

• Your first signature ensures that you are still committed to PEF and want to stay a member, regardless of what the Supreme Court decision says.

• Your second signature signifies that you are committed to paying dues to support the union, so that we can continue to fight together for all the rights we have won and deserve.

We have a lot of work to do, and we can begin by signing the new PEF membership card to show the world we are NOT backing down! #WeAreStrongerTogether

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