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12 PEF bills get 2 thumbs up


The scheduled 2017 NYS legislative session ended June 21 and PEF President Wayne Spence reported, “It was another successful year for PEF and our Legislative Department. This session saw the passage of many bills important to PEF members.”

The bill appropriating funds to pay for the PS&T Contract raises and retroactive pay was passed and signed in early March, even before the 2017-18 state budget was passed. PEF members can thank the bill’s sponsors, Assembly Member Peter Abbate Jr. and state Sen. George Amedore Jr., and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s message of necessity for that quick action.

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Among other notable bills for PEF members introduced in this session were legislation to save Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center, parity for injured parole officers, and funding for SUNY hospitals.

“In addition, we were able to introduce bills to require geographic pay differentials, similar to the federal government, and expanded injury parity for certain specialists and officers,” Spence said.

The president added, “As you know, this is year one, of a two-year legislative cycle. Our focus this year was primarily on getting bills either introduced or reintroduced. Next year, in addition to introducing new initiatives, we will push to get the rest of these important bills through both houses.”

Spence said, “In the closing weeks of session, we heard from many legislators that they were impressed and influenced by our members’ correspondence. We will build on this momentum as we head into next year.”

Although the Legislature might reconvene in the near future, Spence said PEF expects it would address “a very limited agenda primarily focused on mayoral control of New York City schools and local sales tax issues.”

PEF’s other legislation that passed one or both houses of the Legislature include:

Bills passed in both houses:

A.834-B/S.3567-B — Nurse practitioner career ladder study;

• A.934-A/S.1596-A — SUNY Maintenance of Effort funding;

• A.1644/S.407 — Parole officer workers’ comp;

• A.1842-B/S.6768 — “BSN in 10;”

• A.2750-A/S.2392-A — FOIL requests and attorney’s fees;

• A.2229/S.2836 — Facility closure notice between 12 and 13 months;

• A.4032-A/S.4770-A — DOCCS clarification of duties;

• A.6505/S.4630 — Save Western NY Children’s Psychiatric Center;

• A.7687/S.5987 — Parole officer staffing study;

• A.7763/S.5661-B — Enhanced safety-net hospitals funding; and

• A.8427-A/S.6639-A — “Buy American” steel and iron.

These bills that have been passed by both the Assembly and state Senate still face the governor’s decision on whether to sign them into law or veto them.

Bills Passed in Senate only:

• A.659/S.2046 — Aggravated harassment of employee by inmate;

• A.733/S.1113 — Legislative approval for “O” closures;

• A.2136/S.2728 — Assault, 2nd degree on state Office of Children and Family Services employees;

• A.3126/S.2546 — Full funding to SUNY hospitals;

• A.3327/S.3576 — Increases amount public retiree can earn;

• A.4590/S.3857 — Assaults on nursing professionals;

• A.5612/S.555 — Juvenile facility information disclosure (“Renee’s law”);

• A.6888/S.3581 — Notice to state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision employee whose information is subject of a subpoena;

• A.7396-A/S.5680 — Requires agencies with 25 percent of staff accruing overtime to maintain same level of full-time-equivalent job items as in the previous year;

• A.7694/S.1154 — 730 psychiatric evaluation costs;

• S.1481 — Justice Center Advisory Council powers;

• S.4593 — Prohibits admission of sex offenders to a state psychiatric center also housing a children’s psychiatric center; and

• S.6437 — Repeals the Design and Construction Corporation Act.

Bills Passed in Assembly only:

• A.658/S.5480 — Implementing a state policy of setting salaries on the basis of equivalent value of work;

• A.2549/S.3262 — Civil Service study on public-employee wage disparity based upon gender, race and national origin;

• A.2565/S.6729 — Whistleblower protection;

• A.3358/S.502 – GENDA;

• A.4738/S.4840 — Single payer health care;

• A.4933-A/S.6464 — Workforce injury reduction act;

• A.5757/S.1887 — Whistleblower protection; and

• A.7601-A/S.5778-A — Public union membership and dues collection.

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