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Darlene Williams

Darlene Williams new PEF Region 10 coordinator



Darlene Williams was the sole certified candidate to fill a mid-term vacancy in the position of PEF Region 10 coordinator. As the only certified candidate following the submission of nominating petitions, Williams is automatically elected.

Christopher Ford was elected to fill a mid-term vacancy in PEF Executive Board Seat 177 that represents members working at the state Office of Information Technology Services. Ballots in this 2018 fourth-quarter special election were counted December 18.

Nominating petitions in the first-quarter 2019 special election became available January 3 to fill mid-term vacancies in the post of PEF Region 10 coordinator and 11 seats on the PEF Executive Board. The deadline for submitting nominating petitions was January 25. When only one candidate is certified for a seat, that candidate is seated. Successful candidates serve the remainder of three-year terms that end July 31, 2021.

In addition to Willams, other sole certified nominees after first-quarter petitioning are:

  • John DeFazio, Board Seat 90, which represents PEF Region 8 members working for the state Higher Education Services Corp.;
  • Scott Marsland, Board Seat 95, which represents members working for the SUNY
  • Upstate Main Campus; and
  • Jennifer Voelker, Board Seat 430, which represents PEF members working for the state Office of Children and Family Services in PEF Regions 1-7, PEF Division 337.
  • Because two candidates (Ian Duckor and Douglas Williams) for Board Seat 75 were certified, ballots will be mailed by the American Arbitration Association February 19 to constituents of that seat. Ballots must be returned by March 13 for counting by AAA March 14.

Board Seat 75 represents PEF Region 8 members working for the state Education Department (PEF Div. 194) in ACCES, OCE, OMS, and OP.

No candidates were certified for the following vacant seats in this 2019 first-quarter special election, so these seats will be included in the second-quarter election:

  • Board Seat 1, which represents members working for the state Department of
  • Agriculture and Markets;
  • Board Seat 9, which represents members working for the Office of the State Comptroller at 110 State Street in Albany on Floors 8-11, 14, and 15;
  • Board Seat 225, which represents members working for the state Labor Department
  • in PEF Regions 1-4;
  • Board Seat 425, which represents PEF members working for the state Department of Public Service;
  • Board Seat 460, which represents PEF members working for the state Department of State;
  • Board Seat 540, which represents members working at Narcotic and Drug Research
  • Inc. and at Eastern Niagara Hospital in Lockport; and
  • Board Seat 545, which represents members working in the following political subdivisions of New York state: Albany Housing Authority; Albany County Probation; and Allegany County.

Petitioning and balloting dates for the second-quarter election have not yet been announced by the PEF Special Elections Committee.

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