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Official Publication of the NYS Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO February 2019 – Vol. 36 No. 1

Table of Contents – Dec.2018-Jan.2019

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As we celebrate this holiday season, I want to wish all members and their families a joyous time. This is a special time of year for many reasons. We keep traditions, create new memories and reflect on the past year. The strength of the PEF membership and how so many of you proved what we can accomplish when we work together is most impressive. MORE

PS&T Contract team coming to your region. Schedule available here. The PS&T Contract Team has been preparing to meet the negotiators from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER). Meetings are scheduled to kick-off in January to establish the ground rules. The team, chaired by Darlene Williams, needs your input. Members are being asked to RSVP and attend one of the contract team town hall meetings that are scheduled throughout the state. MORE


When members tell PEF they have problems at work, the union looks for ways to help them. That’s why PEF held a special program titled “Employment Discrimination 101” for members, which was held at its New York City office November 7. “This was the first program on this topic, and we are planning to hold three more at various locations throughout the state in 2019,” said PEF Vice President Sharon V. DeSilva. MORE

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