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tell your contract team what you want in the next PS&T Agreement

The PS&T Contract Team has been preparing to meet the negotiators from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER). Meetings are scheduled to kick-off in January to establish the ground rules.

The team, chaired by Darlene Williams, needs your input, and PEF members need to attend one of the contract team town hall meetings that are scheduled throughout the state. “PEF was very successful bargaining for the contract we now have. The team I chair is devoted to securing another contract, one that members will be eager to ratify,” Williams said.

“To accomplish that, we need your input. Tell us at any of the upcoming town hall regional contract meetings. Tell the contract team, what is most important to you, so your team can plan strategies to accomplish your priorities at the bargaining table.”

Refresh your screen to view and download contract town hall meeting schedule. Updates to come.

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