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eCommunicatorHeaderfor-storyMarch 21, 2019

Reach for the Department of Civil Service’s Career Mobility Officecareermobility
Are you aware of the resources available to you via the Career Mobility Office (CMO)?

Did you know that the CMO:

  • Provides services related to career mobility and retraining to address workforce needs to all New York State employees, agencies, and authorities.
  • Is jointly funded through the negotiated agreements between the State of New York, CSEA and PEF. Program administration and additional funding is provided by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations and the Department of Civil Service.
  • Can help YOU:
    • Learn the basic rules and guidelines that govern mobility within the State;
    • Determine your skills, education, and personal goals to develop a career plan;
    • Research job opportunities and examination opportunities;
    • Develop a well-written resume that reflects your skills and experience; and
    • Learn what is expected of you on a job interview.
  • Offers several workshops and recorded webinars for State employees relative to career mobility, including webinars related to:
    • Understanding the Merit System; and
    • Examinations and Eligible Lists;

CMO Contact Information: 
Website: https://careermobilityoffice.cs.ny.gov/cmo/index.cfm
Telephone: (518) 485-6199 OR 1-800-553-1322
E-mail: vog.y1558258651n.sc@1558258651omc1558258651

Mailing Address:
NYS Department of Civil Service
Career Mobility Office
Albany, NY 12239

Physical Address:
NYS Department of Civil Service
Empire State Plaza
Swan Street Building, First Floor (Core 1)

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