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eCommunicatorHeaderfor-story March 21, 2019
PEF Represents: Real Professionals, Real Respect, Real Voice!

Contract team shows union unity at the bargaining table 



REPRESENTING YOU – The PS&T Contract Team pauses for a group photo during a break at the bargaining table with the state’s negotiators. The strategy of the PEF team stems from the many town hall meetings where PEF members had an opportunity to reveal what they want in the next agreement. The team also points out the high standard of professionalism PEF members exhibit daily, and the strength of unity shown by PEF’s 54,746 members.

• March 27-29
• April 9-10
• May 7-8
• June 4 -5

Make sure to check the PEF website and its official social media pages for more updates, and calls for action. — DEBORAH A. MILES

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