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Thanks to PEF raises, geos saved

To the Editor:
As the Executive Board representative for PEF members at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, I want to extend my personal gratitude to all of the PEF leaders and staff whose quick action stopped this great injustice that was inflicted on our HERO nurses at Roswell Park by senior management (See related story, page 10.).

I worked late last night (March 30) and I was present for the shift change. I saw nurses who came in to work with their heads down, thinking that their retroactive pay raise and geographic pay differential had been taken from them.

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They were met by nurses who had seen the video from the CEO, Dr. Johnson, and the CNO, announcing that the nurses would be made whole and that their geographic differential would not be affected.

I can’t put into words the look of relief on their faces, and staffers thanking PEF leadership for all the things that were done on their behalf in such a quick time.

Again, I am grateful and very honored to be part of this GREAT PEF Family. Thank you all.


Wants Communicator in printed form

To the Editor:
I agree The Communicator should be in print form. While I do have a computer, I still prefer to read my magazines in the print form. I know many retirees who feel as I do.

I realize the Executive Board voted to change to a digital form to save money, but there are some things that you should not do, and this is one.

I, and many others, will no longer read The Communicator. Please give people the option of paper or the email form of The Communicator. This is one thing that WE, the members, pay dues for.

Newark, DE

Editor’s Note: The PEF Executive Board voted to switch from print to digital to achieve significant cost savings.

We must adapt to digital news

To the Editor:
I just viewed the online version of The Communicator and I was both surprised and amused to see so many letters of protest over discontinuance of the print version.

I recall that last year there was plenty of advance notice in the printed issues that The Communicator was going to switch to an online format to cut costs. Given the economic realities our union is facing, this does not appear to be an unreasonable measure.

I am puzzled by people claiming they lack a computer or a smartphone and, therefore, can’t access the information they want, which is provided by our union in The Communicator. This seems to be largely a personal choice. Any library will provide free access to one of its computers.

PEF is a union of professional, scientific and technical employees. Every one of you who worked in an office and retired at or after the mid-1980s used a computer in performing your job duties. Even nurses who worked in facilities must have had access to computers in the course of their employment. Therefore, your personal choice to eschew technology in your retirement should not force the entire membership to bear a dues increase to satisfy your preference for a print version of The Communicator.

Accessibility apps on computers enable those with disabilities to access the online magazine better than was possible with the print version.

I still pay many of my bills with checks and I am not thrilled with everything happening in the world of technology either. But we must adapt.

Fernandina Beach, Florida

Disputes views of columnist

To the Editor:
PEF Retirees President Jim Carr’s column in The Communicator accuses President Trump’s administration of trying to destroy Medicare. This is utter nonsense, made even more egregious by Carr’s silence regarding Barak Obama’s slashing Medicare by over $700 billion to pay for the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Facts are stubborn things. It is understandable that PEF displays partisanship in its articles, but Carr, in my opinion, has crossed the line, entering into the realm of outright falsehood. PEF has clearly chosen to join the purveyors of fake news. In a word: disgraceful.

Boynton Beach, FL

Editor’s Note: Facts are stubborn. The cited “PEF Retirees in Action” column in the March issue of The Communicator discusses potential federal funding losses to New York state and threats to Medicaid and Medicare, if the Affordable Care Act were repealed without passage of a replacement funding package. President Trump’s name does not appear in the story. The column does express President Carr’s fear the president and Congress plan to sacrifice some health care subsidies and benefits to pay for tax cuts. Just as members and retirees who send letters to The Communicator are free to express opinions, columnists are allowed and intended to express their personal opinions, while journalists who report the news are not.

Why not go back to print?

To the Editor:
Why can’t we go back the print magazine format?

New Hartford

Prefers print to digital

To the Editor:
After trying to review The Communicator online, I think it’s a waste of time. I have no desire to click and read; I would like to have The Communicator back in hard copy so I can turn pages and read the old-fashioned way.

Please express my concerns to the president, and I also will talk to my Executive Board members regarding their voting choices on the selection to go electronic.


Not impressed by savings

To the Editor:
I agree with the seniors who want their hard copy of The Communicator mailed.

The link in your response to each letter indicated PEF could save $170,000 by not distributing 67,000 copies of The Communicator. In my book, that is less than $3 per member per year, or 10 cents per pay period.

Ballston Lake

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