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PEF retirees growing stronger, adding value to the union

The PEF Retirees were active participants at the 40th Annual PEF Convention, where we hosted a retirees’ information table for the delegates. This year’s convention theme was, “Winning the Future Together.”

When you think about the theme and look ahead, a well-deserved retirement should be in your future.  That’s one reason retirees do what we do to advance the union. Our Executive Board attended the convention to share with the delegates our knowledge of PEF history, our experiences, and information about the benefit of staying involved with your union after retirement.

Our message is, “Retirees are on your side.”

We believe in solidarity and unity for the good of all. We are committed to maintaining a secure retirement for all, while leaving our communities better than we found them. This year’s retirees message to the delegates echoed my recurring theme, which is educate yourself and your members about us, then join us when you retire. Retirees are ready, willing and able to share the benefits of our collective experience with our union brothers and sisters.


We have a Retirees chapter president and active retirees in every region who are available and willing to participate in regional and division meetings. We can act as mentors for new leaders and activists, which is something PEF President Wayne Spence and I have discussed. We have also discussed the possibility of a retirees’ seat on the PEF Executive Board, who would be elected by the PEF Retirees.

Some notable committee information includes that the PEF Retirees has one appointed member to the PEF Executive Board. Other appointments include retiree representatives on the Political Action Committee, Veterans Committee and Women’s Committee. A retiree representative is also appointed to sit on the Retirees Organizational Council (ROC) committee. We work together with active members on political efforts, rally participation and perform general volunteer activities.

We want to share our knowledge with younger union members, because true unionists never retire. They stay informed, engaged and active in their union and community. Our presence at this year’s convention attracted many delegates to our table, seeking information on what to expect while preparing for retirement. They asked questions relevant to health insurance, dental insurance, vision and hearing plans, and much more. Questions were asked and answered!

Membership in PEF Retirees is something we highly recommend. Your first year is paid for by PEF, which means it’s free for eligible state and other PEF-represented employees who were dues-paying PEF members and retired after April, 2006. After the first year, the retiree’s membership dues are $1.50 per month, if the member elects to have the dues deducted from their pension. Seventy-two percent of PEF Retirees elect to pay their dues by pension deduction. PEF Retirees are a growing segment of PEF, and as of August, 2018, we are 18,578 members strong.

Membership in the PEF Retirees is not automatic. Members must request a membership kit and complete an application. To request an application kit, go to www.pefretirees.org to download an application, or call 800-342-4306 ext. 288.  Membership allows you to participate in a number of PEF Retiree local chapter meetings and the Retirees Membership Benefits Programs.

When it’s time to start a new chapter in your life, retire from your job, but not your union or your activism.

Retiring or Retired? Join PEF Retirees now!

Membership equals benefits. Contact PEF Retirees at 800-342-4306, x289 or gro.f1550386979ep@se1550386979erite1550386979RFEP1550386979 DON’T DROP NYSHIP AT 65!

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