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navigating-Civil-Service-HeaderTransfers Authorized under Civil Service Law

Civil Service Law allows for voluntary transfers as an alternative to eligible list appointments for competitive class state employees to advance to higher salary graded positions. Voluntary transfers involve movement of a permanent competitive class employee, without further examination (with the exception of a 70.4 transfer), from one title to a different comparable title OR from a position in one agency to a position in another agency. Such transfers are authorized under state Civil Service Law sections 70.1, 70.4, and 52.6.

The following requirements apply to ALL voluntary transfers:

  • Generally the nominee must have served permanently for one year (or be reachable on the eligible list) to transfer;
  • Nomination by the appointing authority and the consent of the employee;
  • The approval of the Department of Civil Service;
  • Titles are at a similar salary grade level (within two salary grades or one M-grade);
  • Consecutive transfer may not result in more than two salary grades (or one M-grade) advancement; Nominee must have special credentials, if required; NOTE: Because there is an examination associated with a 70.4 transfer, the limit on consecutive transfers does not apply.
  • There is no re-employment lists for the title to which transfer is sought;
  • A probationary period for the transferred employee (8-26 weeks below SG-13, 12-52 weeks above), unless waived by the appointing authority and;
  • Employees who transfer and are serving a probationary period must be granted a leave of absence for the duration of their probation.


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