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Blitz artBuilding PEF power.
The member engagement blitz is on!

MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT STARTS HERE — PEF President Wayne Spence with regional field reps review the plan of action, then goes door-to-door, leaving PEF informational door hangers if no member is home at the time.

MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT STARTS HERE — PEF President Wayne Spence with regional field reps review the plan of action, then goes door-to-door, leaving PEF informational door hangers if no member is home at the time.

Region 8 blitz photos

BLITZ 1-ON-1 TRAINING — PEF members and staff review plans and tactics to reach out to members door-to-door in Region 8 Albany neighborhoods. REACHING OUT TO PEF MEMBERS — The President of the City Union of Baltimore, Antoinette Ryan-Johnson, (L) helps build solidarity with a PEF member who works as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. PHOTO GALLERY

At a time when anti-union forces are ramping up, PEF leadership, in partnership with AFT (American Federation of Teachers), is intensifying efforts to engage with its members. Beginning March 13th and ending March 17th, PEF will be involved in a campaign in the Capital District (Region 8), to have as many one-on-one conversations with its members as it can during that week. This lightning fast campaign is commonly called the “BLITZ.”

Call out quoteThe “BLITZ” is being led by PEF Region 8 Coordinator Michael Blue and PEF Interim Director of Organizing Allison Crawford from AFT. Both Blue and Crawford are veterans of blitz campaigns, having already participated in other states.

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Blue said, “This really is one of our best opportunities to develop a strong relationship with our members. Everyone, from the teams to the members we reach, should feel new energy and commitment to shaping and guiding our union and achieving our goals.”

The “BLITZ” will involve 36 staff and volunteers, equally divided between PEF and AFT, who will work in teams to go out and meet with PEF members at their worksites in the afternoons and at their homes at night, hoping to engage a large percentage of the 18,000 members in the Capital District.

The teams will share information with three very important and timely topics:

Membership button1. The public vote this November 7 on whether New York should hold a constitutional convention in 2019. PEF sees great potential danger to public-employee pensions if the existing constitutional protections for those pensions were vulnerable to removal or amendment.

2. The possible danger of “Right to Work” legislation being passed nationally, as it is currently being enacted by more and more states. Such laws aim to cripple unions and workers’ collective-bargaining power.

3. The Committee on Political Education (COPE) fund, which harnesses the power of members’ voluntary donations to affect national policy and political campaigns.
The team members will receive training in the mornings, learning how to engage members to action. After the week is completed the volunteers will be responsible for taking what they learned and implementing member engagement actions in their respective PEF regions.

Blue said. “We want to use this technique to create more lines of communication with our members and help break down the walls and ‘silos’ that tend to divide members by job titles, agency or worksite. This is all about building PEF power by getting to know and empowering every member. Together, we can face every challenge and, together, we win.”

Check the official PEF website and social media sitesTWITTERFACEBOOK for follow-up coverage.

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