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Retirees in Action

Stand up for the ACA and Medicare now or regret it later

New Yorkers stand to loose billions of dollars under the repeal of the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare.”

Under repeal, New York would loose $57.2 billion in federal funding and pay more for uncompensated costs. In New York, repeal means the loss of $891 million in federal marketplace spending in 2019 and $9.9 billion between 2019 and 2028.

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New York will loose $4 billion in federal Medicaid funding in 2019 and $43.3 billion between 2019 and 2028. In addition, the growth in the number of uninsured residents will increase demand for uncompensated care by $1.1 trillion nationwide. The number of uninsured New Yorkers would jump from 1,524,000 to 2,662,000. This will increase the cost of health care for all of us!

Harmful effects of the repeal will be felt immediately. Repeal without a replacement such as Medicare for all (single payer) would destabilize the non-group-insurance market beginning this year. A combination of several factors such as the pending loss of subsidies, and elimination of the requirement on insurers to sell to all purchasers would cause the cost of health insurance premiums to rise and the healthiest people to drop coverage.

Health care benefits for seniors provided by the ACA will disappear with its repeal, unless they are included in a quality, well funded replacement. Such benefits include free medical check ups under Medicare, free preventive screenings, prescription drug discounts and subsidies, increased payments to primary care providers and preventive care funding.

This is not a time to sit idly by while our elected officials are trying to destroy our senior safety net and cut our earned benefits. By age 55, a significant number of Americans have developed diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer that make them uninsurable were it not for the ACA and Medicare!

The president and the new Congress have begun the systematic destruction of Medicare. Seniors currently enrolled will stay on Medicare. For anyone younger than 55, however, a new program will provide vouchers toward the purchase of private for-profit insurance. Vouchers will replace an efficient system that currently insures all older Americans.

Seniors have paid into the Medicare Trust Fund for decades. Now our new president and Congress plan to pick working peoples’ pockets to subsidize tax cuts. As retirees, we need to resist the systematic destruction of the senior safety net. Only a concerted effort by voters of all political parties and persuasions can push back against the assault on a program that is popular, financially sound and has ensured a dignified old age for generations. Stand up for Medicare: call your congressman and demand Medicare not be privatized!

By the way, our PEF Retirees office will now begin mailing notices of your coming chapter meetings to you in envelopes, rather than by postcards. So, be sure to open these mailings and join your fellow chapter members as often as you can.

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