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Letters to the editor

Print Communicator option needed

To the Editor: I’m afraid this (change to a digital Communicator) will disenfranchise members. Believe it or not, some may not have computer or smart phone access, etc.

Then there’s the question of providing their personal email addresses. Many members and retirees will not want to do this. Many do not give their email to PEF now because they do not want them to have their private email for many reasons. Some reasons are personal because they don’t want their email used for other communication from PEF. But most have a political reason. PEF shouldn’t have a ready made email list of all members that could be used in a political way.

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Doing this exclusively will also irk some members who believe the cost of The Communicator comes out of their dues. Could there be a choice for members to receive hard copy or email?

Thank you.
ARLEA IGOE, retiree
North Port, FL

Editor’s note: The PEF Executive Board voted to switch the magazine from print to digital to achieve significant cost savings

State should boost pensions

To the Editor: The New York State Common Retirement Fund must increase retirement and the cost-of-living raise to retirees. For many years the NYS Common Retirement Fund received minimal or no contribution from the state, counties and others.

The NYS Common Retirement Fund has approximately $175 billion going to 500,000 recipients with the disbursement of nearly $11 billion. The fund continues to increase in value every year.

The fund’s purpose was to ensure recipients a good retirement. Based on our basic cost-of-living research, the fund could easily retroactively increase all payments annually during retirement years. I, with others, agree (the fund should) give all retirees a retroactive total of 5 percent each year and that it should continue.

The state should eliminate use of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) in factoring fund distribution and focus, instead, on our (true) cost-of-living factors.


Editor’s note: According to information on the Office of the State Comptroller’s website, the current value of the NYS Common Retirement Fund under management is $183.6 billion. As of March 31, 2016, the fund was paying benefits to 403,802 retirees and 37,141 beneficiaries. The total fund value does not necessarily increase every year. 

More to say about Gompers

To the Editor: You left out of your short biography of Samuel Gompers, in the December-January issue, that he led the anti-socialist faction in the American Federation of Labor. He also believed in cooperation with business whenever possible.

Too many current labor activists need to heed his good advice!


Found word disrespectful

To the Editor: In the February Communicator, a PEF leader made the following statement: “with the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia last February, we were given the unexpected gift of time.”

I find it unfortunate and offensive to equate the death of a Supreme Court justice and the word “gift” in the same sentence. The choice of words and context was poor.

Political bias shouldn’t stand in the way of displaying appropriate class and respect, the same that you would and should demand from others.


Prefers print Communicator

To the Editor: I like The Communicator a whole lot better as a hard copy. Sorry, but I will not be reading it in electronic version in my “powder room.” Think of your long-term goals and continue communicating.


Editor’s note: The PEF Executive Board voted to switch the magazine from print to digital to achieve significant cost savings.

Give readers a choice

To the Editor: I was disappointed to read that The Communicator was going on line (and without member input).

Many of the retired, and consequently older, members may not have internet access. My mother, a retired PEF nurse, doesn’t have a computer, let alone internet.

I do have a computer with internet access, but as I find a computer to be an almost necessary evil, much like a car, I use it as infrequently as I can. There is no way I will sit in front of a computer screen to read a 32-page publication, regardless of the sender.

I also feel the timing couldn’t be more inopportune with a crucial November 2017 vote regarding a (possible) NYS constitutional convention coming up. It would seem to me that you would not risk the loss of even one member’s vote at that time. And if I’m not reading it and being reminded of it, and if my mother can’t read it, there go two votes. I can imagine there will be many others besides us.

I am a staunch environmentalist and saving trees is very important to me. But burning coal to fuel electrical plants to get me on the internet is also an environmental burden. Plus power lines, transfer stations, etc. You get the idea.

Please reconsider and at least give us a choice. I have a feeling we are going to be given a lot of non-choices with the new U.S. president. It would be nice if my own union wasn’t going to join those ranks.


Editor’s note: The PEF Executive Board voted to switch the magazine from print to digital to achieve significant cost savings.

Seniors need print magazine

To the Editor: I am against not receiving a hard copy of The Communicator simply because a lot of seniors do not have access to a computer or smart phone.

It seems that everything is being geared for the young and there is a whole population of seniors who still write checks and are not interested in doing this online. At 76, I still write checks and I’m not interested in changing, nor do I have a computer.
I’m sure I’m not alone.


Editor’s note: The PEF Executive Board voted to switch the magazine from print to digital to achieve significant cost savings.

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