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PEF Vice President – Peter Banks

Peter Banks

PEF Vice President Peter Banks is an Englishman who has made Upstate New York his home since 1998. Peter is married to Karen, a Welsh Physical Therapist and they have a seven year old son, Syd.

Peter is an acute care Registered Nurse who holds the Advance Certification in Post Anesthesia nursing (CPAN). Peter has been employed at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse for over 17 years.

SUNY Upstate Division 320 is a large PEF Division with approximately 1500 PEF members. Due to SUNY Upstate’s confrontational form of labor relations, this Division needed strong local leadership. Peter was able to provide that leadership for his fellow union members – first as a Member Mobilizer, then as a Steward, a Division Council Leader and Regional Coordinator. Elected PEF Vice President in June 2015, Peter is now a strong advocate for the entire PEF membership and as Vice President will stand toe to toe against anyone who fails to respect the worth of PEF members.

Peter is a serving member of the British Army Reserves where he holds the rank of Major. Peter has seen active service in the Falklands War and both Gulf Wars. Peter believes that leadership comes in many forms and strong leaders listen and act accordingly.