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PEF Vice President – Nikki Brate

Nikki Brate

PEF Vice President Nikki Brate is an information technology manager at the Division of Financial Services (DFS) in Albany. She has worked for DFS and for the predecessor Department of Insurance for two decades in increasingly responsible positions. Most recently, she was a coordinator for DFS’s disaster response/crisis team.

Throughout her state service, Nikki has been active in PEF. Before being elected PEF Vice President in June 2015, she fulfilled numerous roles in PEF from organizer to delegate to Region 8 Coordinator, representing over 18,000 members. Known for her energy, dedication and commitment to the union, she was a driving force in establishing PEF’s new leadership team, and as vice president will be responsible for administration and policy setting. Nikki believes member engagement is the key to union success and plans on using the same successful strategies she used in Region 8 statewide to ensure union solidarity.

Nikki is a graduate of the prestigious Cornell University’s ILR Union Leadership program.