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PEF Trustee – Sarah Lauser

Sarah Lauser

Sarah is an IT Specialist 4 at the Office of the State Comptroller in Albany. Always an active member of her community, Sarah became a PEF steward less than 6 months after joining permanent state service and has been taking on increasing leadership roles ever since.

From 2012 to 2017, she served as Council Leader for Division 263 representing over 1,200 PEF members around the state.

Division 263’s members get budget and spending reports on their division website and have benefited from Sarah’s budget explanations and presentations at member and steward meetings.

Sarah’s experience in preparing data for the Comptroller’s Open Book New York site uniquely qualifies her to understand the challenges of fiscal transparency and communication. She believes that every member has a right to know and question how their dues are being spent, a task which is impossible without access to information.

Researching a Master’s thesis topic about the relationship between the NY State Constitution and implementation of the State Financial System (SFS) helped to hone skills in determining legal requirements for finances as well as some complex accounting concepts.

Other MBA classes, like Financial Management and Accounting, will also come in handy when Sarah needs to review PEF’s books.

She completed the degree in 2013 at SUNY University at Albany. Since becoming a Trustee, Sarah has worked with fellow Trustees Maddie and Maureen to release comprehensive reports with varying recommendations for the leadership of PEF.