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PEF Region 4 Coordinator – Charles McRorie

Charles McRorie

In August, when he took office as PEF Region 4 coordinator for the first time, Chuck McRorie thought he knew PEF and Region 4 pretty well. After all, he had been in state service since 1988 and a PEF member since 2000, when he went to work for the state Department of Transportation.

Now a senior engineering technician at DOT, McRorie has been a delegate to PEF conventions for nearly 15 years, a PEF Division 256 steward, treasurer and council leader, a PEF member of the joint labor-management committee at DOT, and the Region 4 Political Action Committee.

But in just four months as regional coordinator, McRorie said he has gained new insights and appreciation for the union and for his fellow PEF members and retirees.

Region 4, which is based in Syracuse, extends through six counties: Cortland, Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga, Oswego and Jefferson. It’s a big, diverse region with about 3,500 members.

No sooner had he taken office than McRorie found Region 4 had duties as the host region for the NYS Fair in August.

“I was really impressed with the PEF retirees in this region, because they really stepped up to be at the PEF booth at the fair.” Two months later, when Region 4 hosted the 2015 PEF Convention, McRorie found PEF members answered his call to serve on the region’s convention committee.

“Again, our retirees in the region stepped up. They staffed the Region 4 booth so our delegates were free to participate in the convention. They really impressed me,” McRorie said.

Being regional coordinator has given him a much closer view of the many issues PEF members face on their jobs, McRorie said. “I was already familiar with the issues of privatization, design-build and the safety issues our members at DOT face, but now I also see the issues our other members are facing. They are under constant threat of being fired and of being injured or assaulted on the job.

“The best thing I’ve seen since I became Region 4 coordinator is the unity in Region 4 and the way our members support each other.”

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