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PEF Region 10 Coordinator – Sheik Nabijohn

Sheik Nabijohn

PEF Region 10 is the second largest region with approximately 5,500 members working at state agencies and facilities in Manhattan and the Bronx. Sheik Nabijohn took on the challenge to unite his members when he was elected to the position in 2012. Now in his second term, Nabijohn said the region has been rejuvenated.

“I have been meeting with members at various agencies and will continue to do so,” Nabijohn said. “Many know who I am and how I am dedicated to learning about their issues and finding ways within the union to help rectify certain situations.

“For the most part, my membership has not related many problems. There is the issue of short staffing.

And more recently, some of the agencies such as the state Department of Financial Services (DFS) has been retaliating against employees for union participation. This is an issue close to me as I have experienced first hand, what I refer to as, union retaliation.”

Nabijohn’s union background stems from being a steward at DFS and PEF Executive Board member. He works as an information technology specialist 2 programmer.

One of the areas where Nabijohn devoted his efforts was to establish and maintain a positive rapport with legislators from his region to help support the goals within PEF. And it has paid off.

“Region 10 hosts the largest regional legislative reception in the state. It is attended by all the local lawmakers. We also have received the backing of U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand who are supportive of workers.

“The motto for Region 10 is ‘We Stand United and Undivided.’ I have sent that message on many occasions where I have been invited to speak about the phenomenal work our members perform every day,” Nabijohn said. “It is the members who make this region great.”

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