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Member signing cope pledge card

PEF Member takes a stand to protect her benefits by signing a COPE pledge card.

PEF Member:
Did you know that our wages, safety, benefits and professions may be at risk?


COPE is the Committee On Political Education
COPE is the only way federal election law allows PEF members and other labor union members to work together in financially supporting political candidates for national office who will support legislation, funding and policies that promote:

  1. Quality public services at the federal, state and local levels;
  2. Fair labor and wage laws, healthy and safe workplaces, Social Security, Medicare and pension protections and;
  3. Affordable, quality public education and health care, a clean, crime-free environment, and other issues important to PEF members and their families.

How are COPE contributions spent?
Voluntary COPE contributions are used to support candidates PEF has endorsed for federal office. (Federal law limits labor unions to using only COPE funds to support candidates for federal office.)

Typically, endorsements are debated and made by the PEF Executive Board with the advice and recommendations of its statewide and regional political action committees. Approximately 100 PEF members serve on these political action committees that interview candidates and review their voting records and positions on issues important to PEF members and working families.


ENGAGING MEMBERS – PEF COPE Coordinator Mario Chiarello in December 2016, helps members learn more about their union, their tentative PS&T contract and the COPE fund by handing out literature and talking with members who stop by PEF’s table at the Empire State Plaza concourse in Albany. – Photo by Bill Wurster.

Cope-comparison-flyer. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD. Please post and circulate.

COPE-comparison-flyer. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD. Please post and circulate.

Mario Chiarello, email: gro.f1545070886ep@ol1545070886lerai1545070886hCM1545070886