READY TO BARGAIN – PEF’s PS&T contract... [more]
A workforce survey in the state Office... [more]
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Get Your Contract On! Talks underway, PEF’s negotiating team meets with GOER

READY TO BARGAIN – PEF’s PS&T contract team prepares to meet with negotiators from the state, and during a break pose for a photo. Seated in the center are Jemma Marie-Hanson, chair of the team, and Mark Richard, chief negotiator. Contract talks resume with new lead negotiator The transition period between one administration and another often results in a few changes. That’s been the... Read more

The Value of Being a Union Member

Having a union made all the difference “If I didn’t have a union, I wouldn’t have a job!” That’s what PEF Region 6 member Maurice Pauline told his fellow delegates when he stepped to the microphone October 21 at the 2015 PEF convention in Syracuse. Pauline wanted them and everyone to know that his career could have ended if the union had not stood by... Read more

Members at OITS gather to combat privatization

PEF Division 357 members attend town hall meetings Albany – Dozens of PEF members who work at the state Office of Information Technology Services attended town hall meetings that focused on what appears to be another privatization attempt by the state. After listening to remarks by PEF President Wayne Spence on how the union needs input and support from each member to tackle this problem,... Read more

Survey Shows Workers’ Qualms Crisis of Confidence At State Technology Office

A workforce survey in the state Office for Information Technology Services found that employees don’t trust their bosses or believe merit is a factor in promotions, and the Public Employees Federation says this is an outgrowth of management failures and outsourcing attempts. The survey, conducted by the management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company, found that only 24 percent of workers believe the agency’s “leadership... Read more