PEF President Susan M. Kent and representatives... [more]
A new PEF television commercial in on... [more]
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Pre-Negotiation Contract Team Meetings – Check Back Daily for Updates

PEF President Susan M. Kent and representatives of the PEF contract team want to hear your concerns and suggestions for the upcoming contract negotiations. Pre-negotiation Contract Team Meetings are being scheduled around the state.   Please plan to attend one of these meetings!  The meeting schedule will be posted weekly on the PEF website and PEF Facebook page. Confirmed Pre-negotiation contract team meetings for the... Read more

PEF Image Campaign Now Airing Statewide

A new PEF television commercial in on the air! The ad is designed to promote PEF members and the vital services PEF members provide to the citizens of New York State. We've featured members from various agencies across the state performing just some of the myriad of jobs our members do. The commercial will air nearly 1,000 times over the next three... Read more

Support the Veteran’s Equality Act

PEF is again asking lawmakers to support the Veteran's Equality Bill, also known as the Veterans Buyback Bill. Last year, the bill was overwhelmingly supported by all 57 state Senators, and 133 out of 134 state Assembly Members. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed the bill on November 4, 2014, notably before Veteran's Day. The Veterans Equality Bill would expand the eligibility of public... Read more

PEF Celebrates Women’s History Month

The month of March highlights and celebrates the many historic and contemporary contributions of women to society. The  commemoration has its roots back to the 1800s when female factory workers in New York City staged protests over working conditions. But it wasn't until 1987 when Congress officially established Women's History Month. Last year, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation that stated, "During Women's... Read more